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> Thematic History

> 1850-1901:
Education for Women

- Victorian Ideals

- Woman Physician
- Ladies College

> 1902-1913:
Education & Vocation

- Learning at ELC
- The Westfield Way

> 1914-1945:
War & Circumstance

- The Great War
- WWII Evacuation
- Learning & Leisure

> 1946-1959:
Peace & Acceptance

- Restoration
- Medicine & Dentistry

> 1960-present:
Change & Opportunity

- Women in Science
- Creativity & Diversity
- Then & Now


Today, women students and teachers have a strong presence in medicine and dentistry. In 2005, women students comprised 62% within the Institute of Dentistry, and 58%
within the Medical School.

Parveen Kumar (below), who qualified at St Bartholomew’s in 1966, is Professor of Clinical Medical Education and was appointed president of the British Medical Association in 2006.

Professor Frances Balkwill c2005. Professor Parveen Kumar, c2006. Medical student, 2007. Student dietician, 1968.
Student dietician, 1968; Medical student, 2007; Parveen Kumar c2006; Frances Balkwill c2005.
Courtesy of Royal London Hospital Archives; Queen Mary, University of London Archives;
and Parveen Kumar

Frances Balkwill (above) is Professor of Cancer Biology and Centre Lead for Translational Oncology, has played a key role at The Centre of the Cell, a science centre for children within the Medical School. The Centre has been established as a research centre, and is committed to outreach work in the local community, to encourage school children’s interests in science. The Centre’s exhibition opens in 2008.

The Centre of the Cell based within Barts and The London Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, 2007.Medical study at Queen Mary is intended to equip students with a fundamental knowledge and understanding of medicine, and the skills and attitudes needed in order to apply that knowledge in practice. The courses therefore place considerable emphasis on developing students’ expertise in a whole range of practical areas, including clinical, communication, observation, computer, teamwork and management skills. More...


Right: The Centre of the Cell based within Barts and The London Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, 2007.



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