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> Thematic History

> 1850-1901:
Education for Women

- Victorian Ideals

- Woman Physician
- Ladies College

> 1902-1913:
Education & Vocation

- Learning at ELC
- The Westfield Way

> 1914-1945:
War & Circumstance

- The Great War
- WWII Evacuation
- Learning & Leisure

> 1946-1959:
Peace & Acceptance

- Restoration
- Medicine & Dentistry

> 1960-present:
Change & Opportunity

- Women in Science
- Creativity & Diversity
- Then & Now


Today Queen Mary is a multidisciplinary institution, which has contributed to the diverse learning environment and student life of the College. The multicultural student population reflects the diverse ethnic mix of east London and includes international students from over 100 countries. The student community includes over 13,000 UK, European and overseas students.

Our students today, 2007.
Our students today, 2007.
Courtesy of Queen Mary, University of London Archives.

During the 2006-2007 session, women students comprised 50% of the student body. This compares with 48% in 1998-1999, and 44% in 1996-1997. In 1986-1987, women undergraduates represented only 35% at Queen Mary College. By the early 1980s almost half of the 1000 students at Westfield College were men. The College’s Equal Opportunities Committee monitors a variety of initiatives, including the Gender Equality Scheme.

There has been a strong tradition of women students and teachers at Queen Mary, University of London, who have achieved Constance Maynard’s vision of 1872, that women would become a 'great force' in higher education.


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