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    Elizabeth Maslen with fellow alumnae, Dorothy Russell teaching, Parveen Kumar with students, Constance Maynard with original Westfield staffWelcome to the Featured Women tour.

In this section, you will discover the stories and achievements of Queen Mary's women from across the decades.

The stories of these women date back to 1850, when Elizabeth Blackwell studied medicine at Barts. A few years later, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson studied at The London, and numerous women struggled in the decades that followed to enter the medical profession.

Poineering women during the second half of the nineteenth century worked to make higher education accessible to women. In 1882, Constance Maynard and Ann Dudin-Brown saw their work to found a London college for women succeed with the opening of Westfield College. And women also played important roles in the earliest days of Queen Mary College, including the People's Palace librarian Minnie James.

The stories of these and many other Featured Women testify to the struggles, dilemmas, successes and contributions of Queen Mary's women as they advanced in their studies and their careers.

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