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Thematic History
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> Thematic History

> 1850-1901:
Education for Women

- Victorian Ideals

- Woman Physician
- Ladies College

> 1902-1913:
Education & Vocation

- Learning at ELC
- The Westfield Way

> 1914-1945:
War & Circumstance

- The Great War
- WWII Evacuation
- Learning & Leisure

> 1946-1959:
Peace & Acceptance

- Restoration
- Medicine & Dentistry

> 1960-present:
Change & Opportunity

- Women in Science
- Creativity & Diversity
- Then & Now

    Montage of women students from 1913 to the present day. Welcome to the Thematic History tour.

Women’s roles in society have been influenced by changing educational and professional opportunities, political ideologies, international events and cultural ideas.

The ways in which women have studied and worked at Queen Mary has evolved over the years as a result of these changes in society.

This tour presents the history of women at Queen Mary over the decades and in the context of the changing world that influenced women's progress within education and the professions.

Discover how women at Queen Mary succeeded in their struggle to study on equal terms as men, and be inspired by their achievements and contributions across disciplines from the 1850s to the present day.

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