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Barbara Boucher, c1958.
Barbara Boucher, c1958.
Courtesy of Barbara Boucher

Barbara Boucher undertook pre-clinical study at Queen Mary College from 1950 to 1954, studying a range of subjects including chemistry, physics, botany and zoology.

She completed her clinical training at The London Hospital Medical College in 1957. She did a period of pathology training when Professor Dorothy Russell was head of the Institute of Pathology.

Boucher was amongst the first cohorts of women medical students admitted to The London following the decision in 1948 by the University of London requiring all London Medical Schools to offer co-educational medical education without restriction.

She has spent her career working as a Research Physician at The London and has worked in a number of units across east London.

Much of her research has focused on diabetes and its effects on pregnant women and their babies. Her work has found links between vitamin D deficiency and type-2 diabetes, and has explored the further links amongst habitual Betel nut chewers. She has contributed to raising awareness about forms and possible causes of diabetes amongst British Asian populations.

Boucher is currently Emeritus Researcher at the Institute of Cell and Molecular Science, where she continues to be actively engaged in ongoing research on diabetes.

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Barbara Boucher with colleagues, standing fifth from left, c1958.
Barbara Boucher with colleagues, standing fifth from left, c1958.
Courtesy of Barbara Boucher


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