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The Women at Queen Mary Exhibition was launched on 4 October 2007 with a roundtable event. You may listen to the recording below.

Alumna from six decades shared their experiences of higher education. The participating women were:

  • Dr Beatrice Worthing (East London College, 1930s)
  • Dame Margaret Seward (London Hospital Medical College, 1950s)
  • Professor Anne Jones (Westfield College, 1950s)
  • Mrs Christine Hodgson (Westfield College, 1960s)
  • Mrs Bushra Nasir (Queen Mary College, 1970s)
  • Dr Yue Chen (Queen Mary, University of London, 2000s)

Listen Listen:
Roundtable Introduction
by Principal Adrian Smith.


Listen Listen: to the
Full Roundtable Discussion
including the formal opening of the Exhibition by Professor Morag Shiach and Dr Colette Bowe.


Women at Queen Mary roundtable event
Women at Queen Mary round table event
Pictured left to right: Professor Lisa Jardine, Dr Beatrice Worthing, Dame Margaret Seward, Mrs Bushra Nasir, Professor Anne Jones, Dr Yue Chen, and Mrs Christine Hodgson.

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